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We have been campaigning and lobbying on behalf of pensioners in the UK for nearly 70 years. We don’t just work to protect the value of civil service and related pensions, we also partner with other organisations to fight for better social care, health care, transport provision and more.

Current Campaigns

A basic state pension set above the official poverty level and linked to a triple lock mechanism ie; the best of increases in inflation, average earnings or 2.5%.
Retention of the winter fuel payment and other universal pensioner benefits, including bus pass, free TV licence for over 75s, free prescriptions.
An improved, sustainably funded National Health Service, with treatment based on clinical need and free at the point of delivery.
Good quality, fairly funded and sustainable long-term care, community care, services to assist living at home and improved benefits for carers.
The maintenance of a universal postal service at a uniform tariff, the retention of a network of local Post Offices and Banks, an alternative way of accessing services for those not online.
Good public transport with concessionary bus passes which can also be used as a senior railcard for older people throughout the UK.
The right to consultation and active engagement on national and local issues affecting older people.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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No. We are a non-governmental, politically neutral campaigning and membership organisation. We lobby on behalf of those in receipt of the civil service pension and the rights of older people.

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Our Partners

As well as working on campaigns in our own right, the CSPA forms partnerships with other organisations, some examples are:

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