Civil Service Pensioner's Alliance

Your interests at our heart

We are an independent, non-political organisation working to protect your Civil Service pension. We are the only organisation recognised by the Government with the mandate to speak on your behalf and have direct access to the Cabinet office. With local Groups around the UK and an elected Executive Council, we care about what you care for most and work hard to help you get the most from your retirement.

About the Civil Service Pensioner's Alliance

A dynamic membership

With over 48,000 members and local groups throughout England and Wales and separate branches in Northern Ireland and Scotland we are a powerful voice for pensioners. Members directly feed into our policy agenda through our annual general meeting.

An independent voice

We are an independent, non-party political organisation with an elected Executive Council. Our income comes from members’ subscriptions and we receive no financial help from outside bodies. This leaves us free to pursue the policies that are best for our members.

Working together for pensioners

We are affiliated to the National Pensioners’ Convention, the Public Service Pensioners’ Council, Age UK, and AGE (the European Older People’s Platform). We work together to achieve a better deal for older people.

Recognition that counts

We are the only organisation recognised by the Government as being mandated to speak on behalf of civil service pensioners. With direct access to the Cabinet Office, we make sure that your voice is heard.

Founded in 1952

The “Civil Service Pensioners’ Defence Group” was set up in 1951. In 1952, the Scotland and London branches formally agree to work under the banner “CSPA” – Civil Service Pensioners’ Alliance. J.R Deans was the first chairman of CSPA with H.S. Webb taking on the role of Honourary General Secretary.

Action on your behalf

We have been campaigning and lobbying on behalf of pensioners in the UK for nearly 70 years. We don’t just work to protect the value of civil service and related pensions, we also partner with other organisations to fight for better social care, health care, transport provision and more.

Support us

Join the CSPA for £24 a year

Support us in our work with the Cabinet Office to protect your Civil Service pension and access great membership benefits. Membership costs just £24 a year for single or £33.60 a year for a joint membership.