8 September 2022

Two year plan to cap typical energy bill at £2,500 – not enough to help many pensioners

Prime Minister Liz Truss has announced plans to cap average household energy bills at £2,500 a year from October.

CSPA Deputy General Secretary David Luxton highlights the financial picture for pensioners and it is bleak. We have the lowest state pension in the developed world.

"Even freezing the cap at £2,500 or £200 a month is unaffordable for many pensioners on a fixed income. The triple lock state pension increase in line with CPI is essential; and the additional help announced on 26th May of an additional £300 winter fuel payment is still desperately needed"

David Luxton, CSPA Deputy General Secretary

A typical household gas and electricity bill had been due to rise from £1,971 to £3,549 in October.

Household bills:

  • The price cap in place for the next two years
  • This will be achieved through a new Energy Price Guarantee which limits the price suppliers can charge customers for units of gas
  • It supersedes the existing energy price cap, and is in addition to the announced £400 energy bills discount for all households
  • It applies to households in Great Britain, with the same level of support made available to households in Northern Ireland

More information as we have it.


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