5 August 2022

Access to Survivor Pensions for cohabitees highlighted in Women and Equalities Select Committee report

Last November the General Secretary Lisa Ray was invited to present evidence to the Women and Equalities Select Committee.

The opportunity to inform the committee of the CSPA’s long running campaign for Widows Pensions for Life in the Classic Scheme, whereby a cohabitee can lose their survivor pension when living with a new partner was taken.

Watch the session featuring Lisa Ray’s evidence given on 3rd November 2021 below.

Lisa represented both CSPA and campaign body, Later Life Ambitions and and joined Mandip Ghai, Senior Legal Officer of Rights of Women; Nazmin Akthar, Co-Chair of the Muslim Womens Network UK and Graeme Fraser, Cohabitation Chair of Resolution for this session.

The session also provided a chance to highlight the problems with accessing pensions for surviving partners who were not married or in a civil partnership.

The Committee has now published its report and CSPA are heartened to see a clear recommendation to Government to improve communication and make clear the evidence that must be provided to prove entitlement to a survivors pension.

The report is now available here. 


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