5 September 2022

CSPA calls on new PM Liz Truss to honour pledges to protect pensioners

Civil Service Pensioners Alliance calls on the new Prime Minister, Liz Truss to honour pledge on pension increases and reduce NHS waiting lists.

We are asking the PM to deliver on her pledge to protect the State Pension triple-lock to ensure that pensions are not eroded further by soaring inflation; and that urgent action is taken to reduce hospital waiting lists, with 1 in 8 waiting for NHS treatment.

"The cost of living crisis is causing huge distress to millions of older people on fixed pensions as inflation is rapidly eroding the value of their pension, and is now forecast to rise to 15%. The pledge made to pensioners during the leadership contest to restore the triple-lock in full must be honoured in full. Urgent action is also needed to reduce hospital waiting times, improve access to GPs and sort out the Social Care crisis so that those requiring support can live with dignity"

Lisa Ray, CSPA General Secretary

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